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Vishal Dhiman is a vision-driven entrepreneur/individual or just a common human who likes to write, talk and try to make the world a better place. Think about the last 10 years what has changed since the 2010s almost everything. So when we think of starting a business we need to think that everything can be changed for the better.

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Information over Philosophy

One of the main learnings that I came across in my life is that we give much more importance to philosophy but do not give any damn significance to the real Information. 

Philosophy, motivational stuff, poor belief systems are one of the main reasons that keep us from getting what we want!


Vishal Dhiman comes with his most deeply personal views/ information and never talks about philosophy. The best part is he writes about only real life incidences.

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August 24 / 2021

Entrepreneurship is a real Occupation!

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How many entrepreneurs are there in the world? Shockingly! The number is hitting about 600 million.

Entrepreneurship is highly risky and at the same time can be highly rewarding. Only 10 per cent of the startups make it big.

Entrepreneurship is when you take up the challenge to make a change in the world starting with an idea and scaling it to a business with a high risk of failure in terms of money, time, resources. Anyone who runs something on their own is can be known as an entrepreneur.